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Is there a gap between your employees and management?
Do people have a hard time dealing with change ?
Is a team having difficulty to communicate en collaborate in a productive way?
Do you want to increase the general wellbeing in your organisation? 
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Welcome to Leading Mankind!

We are an organization specialized in the development of managers, teams and professionals.

We believe that the progress of an organization is inextricably linked to human growth. We actively work on changing behaviour on the leadership, team and individual level.

We do this through inspiration sessions, workshops and coaching journeys, in groups or individually. We work all over Belgium and offer our services in English, Dutch and French. ​

Are you curious what Leading Mankind can do for you and your organization?

Our offer

We offer inspiration sessions, workshops and growth journeys for your leaders, teams and employees.

All sessions focus on practice and experience building in an engaging atmosphere. Obtained insights are immediately translated in practical exercises. This encourages employees to continue to take action afterwards.

Where the number of participants for inspirational sessions may vary, for workshops and growth journeys, we work in small groups of maximum 12 people. You can expect a lot of interaction and fun, the ideal ingredients for an optimal learning experience. We work with customised examples and encourage participants to define tangible call-to-actions at the end of every session.

Leadership coaching
Do you want to build an organization in a healthy and sustainable manner? 

We coach your leaders to develop performant teams with passionate, happy and engaged employees.

We focus on 3 areas:
Authenticity: maximise your potential
Connection: develop other's potential
Collaboration: your team's potential
Team coaching

Do you want a team to be more    self-managing and performant?

We coach your teams to build strong relationships and develop an optimal collaboration.

In team coaching, we work on:
Building trust: communication is key
Team Focus: create a way of working
Performance: share, learn, improve
Personal Development

Do you want to increase wellbeing and engagement in the workplace?

We coach your employees to increase their resilience and develop a coaching attitude.

We focus on 3 themes:
Boost your resilience
Boost your focus
Boost your inner coach
Leadership coaching
Team Coaching
Personal Coaching

The latest inspiration


About us

We believe in the human potential of people.
We want to inspire individuals and organisations to discover and develop their unique talents and qualities so that, together, we can create a world in which we live and work with respect and empathy for ourselves and others.

Let's see what we can do for you!
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