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Team coaching

Do you feel a lot of tension and resistance in the team?
Is there little respect and trust between team members?
Is the team not performant enough?
We analyse team dynamics and coach teams towards
a more effective collaboration.
Team coaching in a nutshell...

Team problems cannot simply be attributed to incompetent management or difficult employees. At the root of these problems are often very different bottlenecks such as differences in communication styles, unclear goals, lack of commitment or fear of confrontation. Each team member influences and contributes to these tensions.


The question is what your team needs in order to grow and how each member can contribute to this. In team coaching, we challenge your team to uncover the underlying patterns and dynamics that maintain the current situation, and we allow each member to take ownership of their behaviour based on these insights. In this way, we strengthen their performance and connection with all stakeholders.  

Our approach

Since every team is unique and requires a different approach, we start with a thorough team analysis. Self-knowledge is key. To create more trust and understanding between the team members, we use Insights Discovery®. This is a model of psychological preferences that gives a unique insight into your own behaviour and reactions, but also helps you understand why the behaviour of others is so different.


Afterwards, we outline a tailor-made team journey. The aim of the team coaching is to increase the connection in the team and to stimulate team learning and development. And of course, a performant team is not created in one session. The team is on a continuous journey with new obstacles, new discoveries etc...

Do you want to guide your team towards more effective cooperation? Discover our approach!

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Do you want to create an open working atmosphere where everyone can be 100% themselves?


We let your team members get to know each other better, provide insight into the different communication styles and work on building trust in the team.

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Does your team struggle to maintain the balance between involvement and focus?


The team learns to agree how to collaborate, we promote the involvement of team members where necessary and look together how the team can work more focussed.

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Is the collaboration between team members difficult and are they not achieving the desired results?  


We stimulate your employees to learn from each other and grow into a self-managing team where reflection, a sense of responsibility and sharing knowledge are central.

Interested to know about our other team workshops and journeys? 
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