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Shared humanity is what connects us

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Despite the polarisation that we currently see in the world, there's some much that we have in common as “Homo sapiens” and connects us.

Despite the fact that we sometimes hear someone say, “It’s not the same for me as it is for you”, “this doesn’t affect me” or “it doesn’t matter that much to me”, we still are all connected. Although we come from different countries, speak different languages, and follow different religions, we are all human beings. Our 'shared humanity' or 'being human' is the thing we have in common.

This has become even more obvious during the Corona crisis that started in February 2020. Every human being, no matter race or origin, religion, wealth or status, every human being can be infected with the virus. We threaten to be defeated or at least be severely hit by what seems to be an “invisible” force. As a result, a lot of people feel powerless against that danger. Our health system is sputtering, the economy is plunging. It seems that humanity cramps to try to survive.

In the meantime, as a community, we are clever enough to focus on the things we can control. That’s something that Steven Covey (and many after him) has taught us. And yet, focusing on our circle of influence doesn’t safeguard us from the impact this event can have on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We are all connected through our shared humanity.

The basic hardware, our body and mind, is the same for every human being. And whether we like it or hate it, find it easy or difficult, it’s that hardware that will have to do the trick.

“Be the change you want to see…”


This makes you, as a person, the key element for development and change. And how you see and treat yourself as a person will have an impact on your personal life, professional life, the team you work in or the organization you are part of.

And guess what? Shared humanity means that not only you, but also every other human being faces the same challenge.

As Leading Mankind, we want to inspire and support you so that you are able to lead yourself, your team and your organization with kindness and (self)compassion as a basic ingredient. Check out our approach and allow yourself to be surprised and inspired during one of our webinars, workshops or key notes.

Let’s Lead Man…Kind!

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