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Go and create your purpose!

Our mind can block us from realising our dreams and goals. Let's see what we can do to change that...

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"What is my purpose in life?"

"What gives meaning to my life?"

For most of us, these are questions that are difficult or impossible to answer. And that is perfectly okay and even very normal.

And yet it doesn't (always) feel that way. Thoughts about the future and the consideration of whether we're doing "right thing" can occupy us for a long time. And if that happens regularly, it becomes difficult to get rid of those thoughts.

We then, sometimes unconsciously, begin to mirror ourselves to others. Social media is the ideal place to do that. On Facebook, Instagram or other (social) media, we look at others and it "seems" as if they have everything under control, know perfectly where they are going and how they want to get there. And so we try to copy some of those things they've done, with varying degrees of success. "It is not going as I expected" or "Why is that not working for me" are common thoughts in such a case. Not really conducive to the flow of thoughts that passes through our heads. And so we start to worry, copy again what others trued, worry some more...

STOP! Wait a second...

Through all that thinking and searching, we try to prepare a path that is 100% clear so that we can follow it with as little risk of failure as possible. Or maybe we hope to find a path that someone else has already built and tried. Whatever the reason is for all that thinking and preparing, whilst doing that we are standing still.

Paul Coelho said "Your decision to walk creates the road ahead".

With this in mind, it is important to be on the move. It is in the process of doing that we can discover what our path is and realise it at the same time.

And that path will go left and right, up and down. Undoubtedly, sometimes you will have to retrace your steps and go in a different direction. This is normal, perfectly okay. It happens to each and everyone of us. Also those people we might admire.

Know that you are okay the way you are now. All talents, weaknesses, strengths, sensitivities ... make you who you are. And that has positively brought you to where you are today. Congratulations for those achievements!

The key question to ask yourself is this ...

"How can I get moving again and continue my path?"

"What tiny baby step can I take today that would be a step in the direction of my goal(s)?"

Transform that into action and, if necessary, repeat this as often as needed. And then, onto the next tiny baby step!

Good luck! And remember ... Enjoy the journey!


PS: Feel free to share with us where the journey takes you.

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