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We believe in the human potential of people. We want to inspire individuals and organisations to discover and develop their unique talents and qualities so that, together, we can create a world in which we live and work with respect and empathy for ourselves and others.



We are married couple. Yep, there's quite some compassion, trust and respect needed towards ourselves and the other to live and work together. On some days this attitude and mindset comes naturally and on other days, it's more difficult, even hard to do that. And that's OK...

By continuous working on ourselves and by focussing on our own needs and those of the other, we have brought the company to where it is today. We hope that, by inspiring the people around us, some day others will build upon our work and continue the mission we care deeply about.


Meet The Team

David Maegerman
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Katia Pelleriaux
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Charlotte Spreutels
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Location:  Schransdreef 81,

                  3090 Overijse



`Reg. Nbr: BE0627.81.048

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