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Organisational development: getting unstuck, growing talent

This motto has always been our starting point. No matter how big the challenge, we believe that every individual has the potential to make a difference in the workplace. As coaches, we guide managers, teams or professionals towards greater self-knowledge and together build the talents and competences needed to become self-managing. In this way, we make companies, teams and professionals happier, more independent and better performing. 

On the sweet spot between people-centred and directive leadership

One-size-fits-all solutions are not our style. We map out a hands-on journey tailored to the professional needs and objectives of your organisation. Our focus is on human leadership to increase wellbeing in the workplace all while ensuring that performance is increasing at the same time.

Depending on the needs that come up during the intake, we offer a blended development journey. Often included are workshops, coaching, micro learnings, referral to inspirational literature etc. To this end, we surround ourselves with an experienced power team of recognised trainers within the HR world.

We offer our services in Dutch, French or English.

Meet & greet us

David Maegerman

+32 (0)477 980 939
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As a leadership and team coach,

I specialise in personal and group journeys focused on collaboration and communication.


I love to stand next to (team)managers and professionals to coach them to lift their leadership skills to a higher level.   

Katia Pelleriaux
+32 (0)476 94 29 91
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As a clinical psychologist and former HR manager, I have extensive experience with trauma and conflict at work.


My role as coach? By focusing on self-leadership and resilience, I encourage professionals, teams and organisations to grow from conflict to connection.  

We are married couple. Yep, there's quite some compassion, trust and respect needed towards ourselves and the other to live and work together. On some days this attitude and mindset comes naturally and on other days, it's more difficult, even hard to do that. And that's OK...

By continuous working on ourselves and by focussing on our own needs and those of the other, we have brought the company to where it is today. We hope that, by inspiring the people around us, some day others will build upon our work and continue the mission we care deeply about.

Our coaches and trainers...

In case you wonder, we don't deliver all the coaching and workshops ourselves. We rely on a sold team of coaches and trainers. And of course you want to know who they are. Well, hold on to that curiosity for a little longer. As soon as we have new photos, you can find their profile here.

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