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Personal development

Do you want to gain more insight into yourself, your own behaviour and skills?
Do you want to sharpen your professional skills or increase your strength and resilience in the workplace?
Leading Mankind guides you to strong self-leadership at work.
Mastering others is strength; mastering oneself is true power
-Lao Tsu-

Personal development in a nutshell...

Self-leadership is about managing yourself  and achieving goals by discovering your unique strenghts and talents all while being aware of your pitfalls and convictions.  Self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-control and self-acceptance are powerful tools in developing a strong 'personal leadership' to be in control of your (professional) life and to anticipate changes and challenges in your working environment..

Based on positive psychology, solution focused coaching, 3rd gen. behavioural therapy and other scientific methods, we coach individuals in organisations towards an increased resilience, a stronger self,  a happier and more fulfilled professional... 

Our approach

Sharpening and using your talents and competences in a goal-oriented way starts with self-awareness. What values do you put first? What is the impact of your behaviour on yourself and others? What is your inner strength?


These are the questions that interest us. From there, we work together on your personal development, with your goals as our focus. We do this by determining your priorities together and by cultivating new habits and skills that help you realise your goals. 

Do you want to grow as a professional or strengthen the human capital in your company?

Discover our challenges!

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Boost your

Stress at work is inevitable and in some cases even desirable.


In this challenge, you'll work on your mental resilience to better channel stress and prevent burn-out.


With that mental wellbeing, the road to higher productivity is wide open.

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Boost your

Are you easily distracted? Do you take a long time to finish a task or do you often have the feeling that you are running out of time? In a digital world, concentration is not easy.


In this challenge, we help you bring order into the chaos of stimuli and keep the focus on what really matters. You'll know how and when to connect and de-connect.

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Boost your
inner coach

Do you have a lot of knowledge and experience that you like to share with other colleagues? Your talents and skills are of great value for your team and organisation.


In this challenge, your coaching skills will be sharpened to help your colleagues grow.

Interested to know about our other personal development programmes? 
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