Do you want to have a better alignment between your teams? Do you find it challenging to motivate and manage employees in an office, remote or hybrid environment? Do you feel resistance from employees to do what is asked of them? Leading Mankind helps you become the leader your organization needs.

Leadership coaching in a nutshell...

Work environments are evolving at lightning speed. To successfully guide an organization towards growth or through a change process, we often use KPIs. They are of course important but limited at the same time. For one, figures ignore mental wellbeing in the workplace, internal communication and collaboration between employees and management.


To lead your organization in the desired direction, the symbiosis between visionary/output management and human skills is essential.

Our approach

A coaching journey is always tailor-made. We start with an exploratory individual session (individual coaching) or group workshop (group coaching) to discover the needs. Those needs are translated into clear targets for the coaching journey.


Next to management techniques, we especially focus on the question behind the person: what do you need as a professional to feel good about yourself and to optimally fulfil your role? What do you need to increase your self-leadership?

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Authentic Leader

We map out your leadership profile by zooming in on your talents and pitfalls. From these insights you will develop a stronger self-leadership and you learn to better position yourself as a leader.

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Connected Leader

How do you give direction to the people in your charge? How do you ensure that all noses are in the same direction? During these sessions you will learn to connect more strongly with your people and coach them to become better professionals.

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In the final phase of the coaching process, it's about building a performant team. You guide them to a more autonomous way of working in which trust and transparency are central.

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