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When your personal self gets in the way...

When developing self-leadership gets tough … and you are trapped in your personal history, dysfunctional thoughts or emotion regulation issues, you will need to peel of another layer of your onion.

Deeper understanding, healing and integration of past histories will be needed to be able to be fully self-aware and connected with the sense of who you are, why you do what you do, what your talents are, what your values are to be able to take full responsibility for your personal and professional life.


In this case a strong sense of self-awareness will not be enough to lead by example, you will need to learn to see the traps, the pitfalls and help yourself trough self-compassion, specific coaching and psychotherapeutic exercises to reconnect with yourself. 






We have partnered with P&M Coaching & Therapy so that working on your personal self can be done  in a discrete and peaceful environment.

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