leading within your team

Creating a performant team is not only the job of the manager. Each member has an impact on the success or failure of the team. So the question is...

Why do some teams really collaborate and others don't?


For some teams, collaborating seems easy.  They enjoy working together, accept feedback and criticism from their colleagues and constantly improve their way of working. They share information, proactively seek for help and they celebrate their team successes!

The result: a performant team!

    Teamwork? Where? Who? What?

But that's unfortunately not always the case. In a struggling team, people don't understand each other like they speak a different language. They disagree often and they regularly check if everybody puts the same effort.


There's no trust and safety and the way to survive is to protect yourself. There's an internal competition and it has a big impact on focus and productivity.


What we can do to improve team performance...

There can be different reasons why a team struggles: history of the team, one or more toxic team members, difference in communication style and behaviour, unclear goals and expectations, the manager's role, unproductive patterns within the team...

Team analysis

We at Leading Mankind have coached many teams and the reason that a team's stuck is often unique. Finding the cause(s) is crucial and the necessary first step.


Personalised team journey

Different kind of interventions like workshops, individual or group coaching help the team members to feel safe again, build trust and work towards a performant team. We often use Insights Discovery® to increase self awareness and to create a better understanding in the team. 

If you recognised your team in the description of the struggling team, get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss with you how we can help them to be more productive and be more happy at work.