Being a leader in a company is tough!



Yep. Being an effective leader is complex and requires discipline and perseverance. And like in sports and arts, it's necessary to learn the right techniques, train often & hard to be on top of your game.

We believe that developing and practicing the necessary human skills and attitudes is an essential element that turns a manager into a great leader.


Focussing on the person behind the employee will enable you to build an effective, qualitative, harmonious, fun and  sustainable team. Because remember...

Leaders are not responsible for the numbers, 
Leaders are responsible for the people responsible for The numbers.
-Simon Sinek-

Lead by example

Like in our role as a parent, we have to show our employees the way forward so that they know what's expected of them and how they can accomplish that (values, interaction with others, procedures, expertise).


The best way to do this is to "walk the talk" as they say. You can't expect people to respect each other unless they see that you show respect for others as yourself. 

The right mindset and skill set!

New and experienced managers should focus on how they interact with their team members, their peers and their hierarchy .


How well people collaborate is based on the leaders ability to create a psychologically safe environment. Human skills, the so called "soft skills" (communication, coaching, feedback) are key skills and elements that helps the leader to accomplish this.

This is even more true for the volatile and remote environment we are currently working in.

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We believe that training and coaching people to be good leaders is a personal matter based on the people, the company, the background, the culture of the company and the current needs. That's why we would love to meet you and sit down to talk it through.

The learning journey we'll create together with you will contain the following topics:

Authentic Leadership

To show up and lead as you are, it's important to understand yourself. Discover what your typical behaviour is and how it is linked to your needs and values. A personal Insights Discovery® profile is a perfect start and a real asset for your leadership development.


Knowing and accepting the strengths and weaknesses of your preferred leadership style is a first step towards being an effective leader.

Connected Leadership

As the quote above says, being a leader is about taking of the people in your charge. Learn how to connect with others and help them to deliver the work and results they are expected to. Give

direction, be clear, show empathy and listen to what they want and need. Coach them so that can grow and become better professionals.

Collaborative leadership

Our goals as a leader is to not be needed anymore. If that's the case, you have created trust and safety in the team and coached them to share, challenge each other, learn from each other and look for solutions together.