Self leadership at work

In an ever changing and evolving world, it's important to adopt an attitude of lifelong learning. That mindset helps to stay in control of your career, build and keep resilience and perhaps create new opportunities.

Mastering others is strength; mastering oneself is true power
-Lao Tsu-

    Increase self awareness

Self awareness is crucial in developing yourself as a professional.


Understand what the impact is of your behaviour and work on your communication skills. Know and develop your talents whiling avoiding your pitfalls.

Emotional agility is an important asset for the future. Recognise your emotions, know what they mean and learn how to act upon them.

    Focus and goals

The current attention driven society forces us to focus on what other people and organisations want, and not on what we want.


Having the attitude and skills to focus on your priorities helps you to set your goals and work towards them. It's all about defining and developing the habits to reach your goals.

Remember, you can't expect to have a different result if you do not change your way of working.

Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results
-James Clear-

We deliver in-house workshops, individual and group coaching on a variety of subject to develop self leadership at work. They are grouped in 3 areas:​ 


- Time Management

- Focus Management

- How to manage your work using Outlook


- Increase motivation at work

- In charge of your own career: discover your talents and develop your strengths

- Develop your emotional intelligence & agility

- How to welcome change & insecurity

- How full is your bucket? Detect what stresses you build resilience


- Insights Discovery®: your personal communication style and how to adapt to a specific situation

- Feedback in colours

- Assertiveness & Non-violent communication

- Be authentic and act with confidence